Spiritual Reading/Cleansing

Remedia's Spiritual Reading

Remedia doing a Spiritual Reading in meditation

Remedia’s most popular service.

You’ll discover:

  • What happened in your past lives that’s influencing you now
  • Your present Spiritual state
  • Your best path forward

You’ll receive a detailed analysis of your entire energy system –Your chakras, aura, emotions, internal organs and more.

You get the exact information you need for your Spiritual growth.

  • Knowing about your past lives can help you understand your present life.
  • Knowing your life purpose and hidden talents enables you to make better life choices.
  • Knowing your future possibilities will guide you to your most productive areas.

You’ll also gain valuable knowledge about harmful influences and blocks:

  • Stored anger, sadness and fear can cause illness and problems in your life.
  • Spirits of dead relatives or friends drain your energy and interfere in your life.
  • Negative karmas cause you to experience the suffering you’ve inflicted on others.
  • Emotional or psychic attacks and entities can block your success.

All of this invaluable self knowledge will help you immensely in making the decisions that are right for you.

Shaman Remedia will answer any questions you have about Spiritual life, Relationships, Business, Finances, Health and any other topic you’re interested in.

When your Spiritual reading is finished, Richard will cleanse your energy system thoroughly for you.

Gain the priceless benefit of personal self knowledge

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Spiritual Reading $98      1-1.5 Hours via Skype or Tel


P.S. You’ll also receive Remedia’s very powerful Flowering Heat initiation and meditation.

You get a fountain of Love in your heart.

Remedia is a highly gifted psychic who has worked with the healing energy of Love her entire life, helping thousands in many countries.

Remedia was born into the Clan of Healers in the Wari-Wari tribe of the Phillipines forty-five years ago. Her grandmother Pombai bequeathed all her Shamanic powers to Remedia at birth. She was given the abilities read auras and chakras, heal with Love and use herbs.