We Empower You to Raise Your Kundalini Safely

You can gain many amazing benefits from doing Kundalini practice regularly.Golden Kundalini

In India, practitioners have successfully used Kundalini for thousands of years. Regular Kundalini practice can take you into the highest meditations –just as it has them. You can gain complete realization –just as they did.

Kundalini’s wonderful benefits include:

  • Expands your consciousness
  • Cleans & grows your chakras, nadhis and aura
  • Awakens & grows your psychic abilities
  • Greatly increases your feelings of well being
  • Increases your energy levels
  • Grants you higher mental alertness
  • Gives you more power to do healing work
  • Increases your stamina
  • High meditations come easier

Kundalini practice will cleanse, grow and energize your whole system. Your chakras, nadhis and aura all expand. As your system becomes stronger, you become able to process more subtle energy.

Your meditative and psychic abilities grow quickly as Kundalini strips away your Samskaras (blocks).

How Kundalini Works

Kundalini Expands & Energizes Your Energy System

Kundalini Expands & Energizes Your Energy System

Kundalini practice activates your chakras. They begin expanding and spinning faster and faster, drawing energy up from below.

The energy coming up from below mixes with the liquid golden Kundalini that lies dormant in the base of your spine. Liquid gold then travels up Shushumma, the nadhi that is in the hollow tube in the center of your spinal cord.

As the golden energy rises up Shushumma, it fills your chakras one by one.

When the golden light bursts out of Sahasrara, your crown chakra, the Kundalini energy rising up from below meets Heavenly energy coming down from above.

There’s an explosion of pure power above your head.

Then, the golden energy expands out through your aura and flows down over you –forming a “second skin” of golden light. You gain protection from incoming negative energies.

Kundalini Safety

Regular Kundalini practice strips away your blocks quickly. Releasing issues can include:

  • Suppressed emotions
  • Buried traumatic events
  • Past life Karmas

As these issues release, you may re experience them. It’s very helpful to have a good self healing system in place so that you can heal issues as they release.Reiki II, Chi Quong or Pranic Healing all work well.

You’ll also need to allow time in your practice session to cool your Kundalini after raising it.

$9.99 0n Amazon Yours Free

$9.99 0n Amazon Yours Free

What You Get:

  1. Kundalini safe practice training
  2. Kundalini Initiation to raise your Kundalini
  3. Guided meditation -we guide you through raising your Kundalini
  4. E-book Awakening Kundalini & 5 More Insanely Useful Chakra Meditations by Richard Crown

Kundalini initiation and training requires 2-4 hours via Skype or telephone


Shaman Remedia & Richard Crown

Shaman Remedia & Richard Crown

Most people raise their Kundalini the first day. However, some need a second day that we give with no additional charge.

A Note of Caution!

Please don’t try Kundalini it if you have limited experience with energy work or meditation. This is an advanced exercise. Please begin with learning Reiki or Vipassana before Kundalini.

The much touted Kundalini awakening of blissful, orgasmic ecstasy rarely happens. Most people enjoy a much gentler experience.

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