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Karma Comes from Your Past Lives

Karma Comes from Your Past Lives

It’s the sum of all the actions you’ve committed during all of your lives.

Scary stuff?

No worries.

Your karma is obviously pretty good.

You’ve got an education, a home, food and some money. Most importantly, you’ve developed an interest in growing Spiritually.

Now, about your bad Karma.

You know. Those horrible things that just happen to good people for no reason at all.

And those strange aches and pains and weird birthmarks you may have.

And those pesky, recurring, unbreakable habit and behavior patterns we all have.

Maybe you ALWAYS pick the same type of person to build a relationship with.

Or maybe you leave projects just as they’re becoming successful and profitable, only to start a new round of struggling. (I’ve got this one.)

The cause is usually a specific type of behavior generated by an emotionally charged incident in past lives. Can be a good or an unpleasant occurrence.

Did you catch that?

Good past lives can generate bad influences in this life.


Something called desire sneaks in. Then you must clear both desire and karma.

Let’s say that in a former life you were a beloved Princess who grew up and married Prince Charming. You enjoyed a long, happy life ruling your kingdom in peace and plenty.

Now, in this life, you’re dissatisfied with EVERYTHING. No matter what good relationship or material wealth you get, you’re just not satisfied.

The problem is that you have a strong emotional attachment to that wonderful past life. You’re subconsciously measuring everything in this life against that life, and nothing measures up.

When we work with past life karma, we need to examine everything –not just the obvious difficult lives.

So how do we do that?

4 Past Life Clearing Methods That Really Work

Vipassana Meditation

In vipassana, you simply sit quietly observing your all important breath. It’s your abdominal breathing during vipassana that allows free emotional play.

As you go deeper and deeper into the meditative state, faces or incidents may appear in your mind. Emotions arise associated with your vision.

You do nothing.

Simply sit observing you breathing.

As one vision clears and passes away, another comes. When all is clear, you can sit in emptiness.

Pluses You can do this by yourself without a facilitator.

Drawbacks It takes a long, long time.


You sit gazing at an object. The best object to gaze at is another person’s eyes. Second best is your own eyes in a mirror.

After a few minutes, your peripheral vision shifts. The face around the eyes you’re gazing at changes, becoming older or younger, male or female, Oriental, Black or Caucasian.

You’re seeing past lives.

An emotion may arise in you. You may see an incident or remember a story.

Do nothing.

Just keep gazing steadily and using abdominal breathing.

When the rising emotions inside you reach the unbearable point, they will break and subside by all themselves.

Another emotional wave will begin rising.

Try gazing at a pair of eyes for an hour this evening instead gazing at your TV. You might see a better show.

Pluses You can do this alone or with a loved one. Gazing releases past lives very quickly.

Minuses You actually have to do it to get the benefit. (It takes self discipline.)

Past Life Regression

Past life regression sessions can be very interesting and illuminating.

A facilitator uses some form of hypnosis or guided meditation to put you into a very deep, relaxed state. Then she guides you back through past lives.

You reexperience your significant past lives and heal them under your facilitator’s guidance.

Pluses You’ve got help. It’s fun to explore and relive past lives.

Minuses It’s slow and expensive. Sessions run 2-3 hours and  you can usually clear i-3 lifetimes each session. Only about %50 of clients can go deep enough to experience their past lives.

Past Life Healing

A facilitator views your past lives for you and heals them while you relax.

Pluses The fastest, easiest method. A good facilitator can clear many lives in a one hour session.

Minuses It’s expensive. Good facilitators are not easy to find. Only the past lives that are ripe will be cleared. More will appear as you progress Spiritually.

Clearing your past life karma has many benefits. It’s a project well worth your time and investment.

Remedia will view your past lives for you in a Spiritual Reading.

Richard will clear your past lives for you in a Healing Session.

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